ASU policies for student veterans

Arizona State University and the Pat Tillman Veterans Center are committed to making the academic life and all of its processes streamlined for student veterans. Listed below are university policies that take into account the benefits process and the life of active military and veteran students.

Book deferment

ASU policies allow for deferred payments for eligible veterans for books, materials and supplies required for courses through a deferred payment plan while attending school.

To be eligible for deferred payment at the ASU bookstore, the student must verify eligibility under the Veterans Educational Assistance Act for Education Benefits at the Pat Tillman Veterans Center at one of the campuses AND not have defaulted in payment on any previous promissory notes.

Read more: Student Services Manual SSM-206-02


Military activation

Arizona State University realizes that students may be called to U.S. military service and unable to complete a term due to these unforeseeable circumstances. If a student is called to active duty, staff in the Pat Tillman Veterans Center will assist students in completing the military activation process. It is recommended that this process be completed prior to deployment when possible.

Please submit a completed military activation form and a copy of your qualifying order to active duty to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center on your campus. If applicable, please also complete the Military Deferment Request for current student loans or previous outstanding student aid.


There are three ways to access a reprieve from paying out-of-state resident tuition at Arizona State University.

HB 2410

Signed into Arizona law, allows in-state student status for tuition purposes to honorably discharged veterans of any branch of the United States Armed Forces, including National Guard and Reserves.


  • Show proof of honorable discharge via DD-214, member 4 copy or DD Form 256

  • Acquire an Arizona state-authorized driver license

  • Register to vote in the state of Arizona

How to file:

  1. Login to My ASU

  2. Start here:  Residency Petition  

  3. Select term and Veteran Student petition

  4. Answer all questions, click on Submit 

  5. Upload your supporting documentation: Residency Petition Dashboard

Choice Act, Section 702

The Choice Act, Section 702 allows eligible individuals to be granted immediate residency, thereby receiving in-state tuition rates, by:

Residing in the state of Arizona
Completing at least one of the following:
Registering to vote in Arizona
Getting an Arizona driver license
Arizona Motor Vehicle Registration
Employment history in Arizona
Transfer of major banking services to Arizona
Change of permanent address on all pertinent records
Other materials of whatever kind or source relevant to domicile or residency status

To be eligible, an individual must be a veteran, or a spouse or dependent of a veteran, that has been discharged within the last 36 months from a period of active duty that was 90 days or longer AND using either VA Chapter 30 or Chapter 33 benefits.

How to file:

  1. Log in to My ASU.

  2. Access

  3. Under Requesting Residency Classification, select residency reclassification application.

  4. Choose the Veteran Exception, Choice Act Petition.

  5. Send supporting documentss (requirements) to

Yellow Ribbon program

The Yellow Ribbon Program pertains to nonresident students using the Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33) at the 100-percent eligibility level. This program is designed to help cover differences between resident and nonresident tuition. Under this voluntary program, institutions can enter into an agreement with the VA to help fund the additional expenses for eligible students. The VA will match each additional dollar funded by the institution, and the combined amounts may not exceed the full cost of the institution’s charged tuition for the VA-approved programs.

For campus based-programs, ASU allocates a limited number of undergraduate and graduate Yellow Ribbon scholarships each year. Students need to apply for the scholarship, and may go on a waiting list if all allocations have been filled. The application can be found here with information regarding allocations.

For ASU Online, allocations are not limited at this time. After students establish their eligibility, their Yellow Ribbon funds will be applied automatically.  

Read more.

Veterans exception

By Arizona statute, no failing grades received by a veteran at an Arizona university or community college before military service may be considered when determining admissibility. This exception applies only to veterans who fulfill these three criteria:

  • are honorably discharged
  • have served in the armed forces of the United States for a minimum of two years
  • have previously enrolled at a university or community college in Arizona

Military service records must be submitted, including DD form 214.

Please note that while the veterans exception policy provides assistance in gaining admission to ASU, individual schools, colleges, or programs of study which have a higher GPA requirement will consider all previous coursework completed by prospective students.