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ASU’s military connected students have served selflessly in support of our communities and country in times of great need. Now you have an opportunity to truly thank them for their service.

When you donate to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, you’re investing in the future of our military-affiliated students by funding programs and services devoted exclusively to helping them succeed in college and beyond.

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With your generous gift, the Pat Tillman Veterans Center can support our over 14,000 military-connected learners and student veterans in various programming and opportunities such as the Pat Tillman Veterans Center Scholarship, Veterans Scholar Program and Treks for Vets.

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Student Success: Story: Richard South, PhD student

No gift is too small to make a powerful impact on a student veteran’s educational journey.

Salute to Service: Meet Steve Sequeira

Your generosity champions the success of those who have served.

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Having three teenagers, with one at ASU, is an expensive life. Working on my graduate degree to further myself as an educator has not left much financial margin for my wife and me, especially with the need to reduce my teaching load to allow myself to take two grad courses each semester. The PTVC Scholarship was a breath of fresh air for those margins. As a veteran, you don’t think about stuff like this when you go into the military, but it is encouraging to know that these scholarships exist and our service is appreciated. Thank you, Pat Tillman Veteran Center, and to all of those who donate to make these scholarships possible!

Michael D Air Force veteran, Classical Liberal Education and Leadership (MA), PTVC Scholarship recipient, spring 2024