Required forms

  • Prior Credit Evaluation — Print the form and take it to your academic advisor for completion.
  • VA Benefits Responsibility Form — Complete the online form and submit it directly to ASU Veteran Services. You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have submitted the form.
  • VA Enrollment Activity Form — Fill out the form online and submit it directly to ASU Veteran Services. You will receive an email from the Pat Tillman Veterans Center confirming you have submitted the form. This enrollment information will be sent to the VA every semester.

New students

Chapter 30, 33, 1606 & 1607 

Form 22-1990

Chapter 35 

Form 22-5490

Continuing and transfer students

Chapter 30, 33, 1606 & 1607

Form 22-1995

Chapter 35

Form 22-5495

Other forms, if applicable:

  • Concurrent Enrollment, 315 — This is necessary if ASU is your parent school and you are taking courses at another school (supplemental school). Your parent school advisor must complete this form verifying that the courses you are taking at the supplemental school are applicable to your degree program at ASU. Complete this form and turn it in to Pat Tillman Veterans Center at ASU, which will fax it to the supplemental school's VA office.
  • DARS Evaluation Form — This form is used if you are enrolled in a course that does not automatically appear on your Degree Audit Report. The form needs to be completed by your advisor, verifying that the course(s) will apply to the degree program.
  • Enrollment Change Notification — To submit any changes to your enrollment after you have submitted your VA Enrollment Activity Form.
  • Graduate Program of Study — For graduate students only. This form must be completed by your academic advisor.
  • Military Activation Form — When a student is called to active duty, ASU Veteran Services staff will assist with completing the military activation process. More information.
  • Tuition Deferment Request — For eligible military, veteran or dependent students only; requests a delay of tuition payment due date until later in the term.
  • Tutorial Assistance, Form 22-1990t — This is for students who are using educational benefits and need tutoring during the semester. Students can receive additional VA assistance to defer the expenses incurred for tutoring services. To utilize this, the student must obtain a letter from the instructor indicating the exact tutoring needed, select a tutor and submit the VA Tutorial Assistance form, 22-1990t, to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center or the veteran services office on the appropriate campus. The amount paid is at the rate of the monthly tutoring cost not to exceed $100 per calendar month. The maximum amount payable is $1,200 with the first $600 coming from the VA and the last $600 being deducted from the student's remaining entitlement. Dependent students, Chapter 35, receive up to $1,200 without entitlement being charged.
  • Veterans Education Fund — Through the gifts of anonymous donors, the ASU Veterans Education Fund was established to offer multiple scholarships. The contributors are devoted to the success of veterans nationally and at Arizona State University. Awards will be based on a student's financial need, level of effort and the potential to complete his or her program of study. Awards are good for only one semester, but awardees may reapply each semester. More information.
  • Yellow Ribbon Program Application — This form is used by students eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program, which assists students whose tuition and fees exceed the in-state amount because they are enrolled as non-residents. More information.