Continuing student forms

The success of ASU’s veteran and dependent students is our top priority. This means that on a regular basis we need students to submit a form to keep their VA benefits continuing.

We’re continually working to simplify our processes and make submitting information to us as efficient as possible for you.

You can find all of the forms you need below — those you routinely submit and those that apply only to certain circumstances. Not sure which form you need? Just ask us or check out our step-by-step how-to videos.

VA Enrollment Activity Form

VA Enrollment Activity Form

When to use: Before each semester, after registering for classes

Purpose of the form: Notifies the Pat Tillman Veterans Center if you do or do not want to use VA education benefits for the upcoming semester. When you elect to use your benefits, your enrollment information will be sent to the VA and ASU Student Business Services will place a tuition deferment on your student account for that semester. 

Directions: Fill out the form online. The form will submit directly to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center and you'll receive an email confirming you have submitted the form. 

Please make every effort to finalize your schedule before submitting the form. To notify us of changes you made to your enrollment after submitting the form for any given semester, submit the form again as a revised Enrollment Activity Form by following the choices within the form. 

 Form: VA Enrollment Activity Form

Military Activation Form

Military Activation Form

When to use: When you have received military orders to deploy or actively serve in a way that will impact your semester in progress.

Purpose of the form: To request withdrawal from any classes specified due to military activation.

Directions: Print, complete and send the form along with a copy of your military orders to

Form: Military Activation Form

Prior Credit Evaluation

Prior Credit Evaluation

When to use: At the time of a change of major OR during the application process to ASU if transferring courses, credits and/or previous experience

Purpose of the form: Ensures that all prior credits are reviewed and appropriately applied to the student’s major and degree program

Directions: Print the form and fill out the student portion. Work with your academic advisor to complete the credits section. Submit the form to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center when it is completed.

Form: Prior Credit Evaluation

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

When to use: If ASU is your parent school and you are taking courses at another school (supplemental school) that apply to your ASU degree program, and you would like your VA benefits to support courses at both schools

Purpose of the form: To verify that the courses you’re taking at the supplemental school apply to your degree program at ASU

Directions: Complete this form with your advisor. Your advisor should submit it to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center location on your campus, which will supply the information to the supplemental school's VA office.

Form: Concurrent Enrollment form 

Dual Program/Objective Approval Request

Dual Program/Objective Approval Request

When to use:  If you are using VA educational benefits and are enrolled in Dual Degree/Objectives such as two majors, a major and a minor, two degrees, two certificates or two programs on different professional/technical levels.

Purpose of the form:  To demonstrate you meet the VA’s requirement that your programs are both relevant to a single career field.   

Directions:  Students need to provide the justification and academic advisors need to agree with their rationale. The form is then forwarded by the student or advisor to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center for final approval from a School Certifying Official.

PDF icon  Dual Program Objective Approval

Graduate Program of Study

Graduate Program of Study

When to use: When you have been admitted to a graduate program, and intend to use VA benefits for any given semester. This form will no longer be needed if an interactive Program of Study (iPOS) is established.

Purpose of the form: To confirm which courses will apply to the graduate program of study

Directions: Print the form and complete it with your advisor. Your advisor will submit it directly to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center.

Form: Graduate Program of Study

Course Approval Form

Course Approval Form

When to use: If you are enrolled in a course (or courses) that does not automatically appear on your Degree Audit Report

Purpose of the form: To verify that the course(s) apply to your degree program

Directions: Complete this form with your advisor. Your advisor should submit it to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center location on your campus.

Form: Course Approval form

Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial Assistance

When to use: When you are receiving benefits and need tutoring for a course included in your degree program

Purpose of the form: To request additional VA assistance incurred for tutoring services

Directions: Obtain a letter from your instructor indicating the exact tutoring needed, select a tutor and submit VA Tutorial Assistance, Form 22-1990t to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center on your campus.

The amount paid is at the rate of the monthly tutoring cost not to exceed $100 per calendar month. The maximum amount payable is $1,200, with the first $600 coming from the VA and the second $600 being deducted from the student’s remaining entitlement. Dependent students using Chapter 35 receive up to $1,200 without entitlement being charged.

Form: Tutorial Assistance, Form 22-1990t

Veterans Education Fund Application

Veterans Education Fund Application

When to use: A student veteran may apply for this ASU scholarship when he or she is experiencing financial need accompanied by a significant level of effort and potential to complete a degree program.

Purpose of the form: To apply for additional financial assistance to complete your academic program at ASU

Directions: Complete the application form and submit to by email to or fax to 480-522-3058. You must include a copy of your official DD-214/215, a personal statement, a goals essay and a letter of recommendation. Applicants must also file a FAFSA.

Scholarships are awarded by semester, but students may reapply each semester.

Form:  Veterans Education Fund Spring 2020 Application

Yellow Ribbon Program Application

Yellow Ribbon Program Application

When to use: If you are enrolled as a nonresident and paying out-of-state tuition and fees.

Purpose of the form Applicants request Yellow Ribbon Program funds to cover the difference between resident and nonresident tuition and fees

Directions: Dependents and spouses who are eligible for this funding should submit an application each year. Read more information about this application and the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Form: Yellow Ribbon Application

"GI Bill®" is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.