Next steps for newly admitted students

If you are: active military, a veteran, a spouse or dependent and a newly admitted freshman, transfer or graduate student at ASU, read on.

Welcome to Arizona State University! 

ASU appreciates the service of our military veterans and their dependents, and we want you to know you've made a great decision to join more than 3,000 other active military, veteran and dependent students furthering their education and future careers in our top-ranked programs.

Follow these next steps toward using your benefits at ASU, which are in addition to your next steps for enrollment as an freshman, transfer or graduate student.


New student veteran and dependent checklist

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To get your benefits file started at ASU, you need to submit a few forms.

To get your benefits file started at ASU, you need to submit a few forms.

You must first meet with your academic advisor and completely enroll in your courses to submit these three forms:

VA Benefits Responsibility Form

You’ll fill this form out only once while at ASU. It notifies the Pat Tillman Veterans Center of your intent to use VA educational benefits, such as the GI-Bill®, while at ASU. Please note that it contains important information regarding the use of VA benefits throughout your school enrollment. Fill out the form online and submit it directly to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have completed the form.

VA Enrollment Activity Form

Let the Pat Tillman Veterans Center know if you do or do not want to use VA educational benefits for the upcoming semester. Complete this online form before each semester at ASU and submit it directly to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. You will receive an email confirming you have submitted the form.

Please make every effort to firm your schedule before submitting the form.  To notify us of changes you made to your enrollment after submitting the form for any given semester, submit the form again as a revised Enrollment Activity Form by following the choices within the form. 

Prior Credit Evaluation(PDF)

Submit this form during the ASU application process if you are transferring courses, credits and/or previous experience. You must also submit this form if you change your major so the courses you’ve taken are evaluated for application to your new major. Print the form, fill out the top portion, initial the middle section, sign and date at the bottom. You email the scanned form to your academic advisor for completion. Your advisor will submit it to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. .

Plus, one extra form for students who have used VA benefits at another school:

If you have been using VA benefits at another school, fill out the appropriate VA Request for Change or Program or Place of Training form. Submit this form to the VA as indicated in the form directions.

Chapter 30, 33, 1606 & 1607 Form 22-1995

Chapter 35 Form 22-5495

Additionally, veterans and dependents using the Post-9/11 GI Bill®:

Submit to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center your VA Certificate of Eligibility or most recent letter from the VA that details your benefits remaining. Whenever you receive an updated COE or letter from the VA detailing your benefits, please submit a copy to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. You may use one of these methods to submit the form:

  1. Scan and email the form to

  2. Fax the form to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center at 480-522-3058.

  3. Take the form to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center on your campus.

Learn about eligibility for Arizona residency and in-state tuition.

Learn about eligibility for Arizona residency and in-state tuition.

If you currently are not an Arizona resident, there are three ways to receive in-state tuition.

  1. HB 2410 is an Arizona law that allows honorably discharged veterans of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, including National Guard and Reserves, to receive in-state student status for tuition purposes. Read more for requirements and filing instructions.

  2. Choice Act, Section 702 grants eligible individuals immediate residency and in-state tuition rates. You are eligible if you are a veteran, or a spouse or dependent of a veteran who has been discharged within the 36 months prior to the start of your first semester from a period of active duty that was 90 days or longer AND is using either VA Chapter 30 or Chapter 33 benefits. Read more for Choice Act requirements and directions for how to file.

  3. The Yellow Ribbon Program will help cover the difference between resident and nonresident tuition for those who are not eligible for HB 2410 or the Choice Act, Section 702. Undergraduate and graduate students must be 100 percent eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill®. Read more to find out how to apply.

Connect with your ASU military advocate.

Connect with your ASU military advocate.

On-campus veterans, spouses and dependents: New students should contact ASU’s military advocate, Shawn Banzhaf, at or 480-727-5626.

ASU Online student veterans: ASU Online veteran students who need assistance with online registration or advising issues resolved, please contact Mario Matus at 480-884-1906 or at

On-campus and ASU Online dependent and spouse students: New students should contact the ASU advocate dedicated to spouses and dependents, Michelle Loposky, at or 480-727-5626.

Freshmen and transfer students, consider taking ASU's success course for veterans.

Freshmen and transfer students, consider taking ASU's success course for veterans.

ASU offers a veteran specific introductory course — LIA 294 Student Success for Veterans — to support veterans' transition to the academic life. Both freshman and new transfer veteran students from any major are welcome to register. For more information

Graduate students: Submit your Graduate Program of Study.

Graduate students: Submit your Graduate Program of Study.

As soon as you are admitted, submit a Graduate Program of Study with your advisor’s assistance to ensure that the graduate courses you are taking will be covered by the VA.

Attend the Veterans Welcome event before classes begin.

Attend the Veterans Welcome event before classes begin.

The Veterans Welcome event is a seminar-style orientation required of incoming graduate and undergraduate veteran students prior to their first semester at ASU. Hosted by ASU and the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, the Veterans Welcome event introduces valuable benefit information and procedures that will apply each semester student veterans use benefits. Spouse and dependent students do not need to attend this event.

New students will receive notifications by mail and email prior to the event so they can plan to attend and RSVP. Events are scheduled before both fall and spring semesters. Refreshments are provided. Space is limited so we request that students attend alone.

Get involved at ASU

Get involved at ASU

Meet your fellow veterans at the Pat Tillman Veterans Center location on your campus. Check out our campus locations.

Pat Tillman Veterans Center Facebook page. This page will connect you to academic, employment and social opportunities for success!

Join the Student Veterans Club associated with your campus for social events and camaraderie. Get connected on Facebook:

Downtown Phoenix Student Veterans Club Chapter

Polytechnic Student Veterans Club Chapter

Tempe Student Veterans Club Chapter

West Student Veterans Club Chapter

ASU Alumni - Veterans Chapter members mentor veteran students and help with veteran related events.

Want to stay active? Join an intramural team (both competitive and recreational teams are available) or sport club, work out at the fitness center on your campus, go on an adventure and participate in the annual Pat’s Run.


Looking for Tuition Assistance? 

Tuition Assistance is a benefit that current military students pursuing their degree online, and a few who are on campus, can access to help cover tuition and other costs. 

Learn more about
tuition assistance


"GI Bill®" is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

Student veterans talk about attending ASU

Two ASU student veterans talk about their experiences at ASU at Lake Havasu. The small school and personal attention combined with the services provided by the Pat Tillman Veterans Center have contributed to their successes. Their stories resonate with student veterans on ASU’s four metro Phoenix campuses too.