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ASU Veteran's Commitment Plan

Plan for your future at ASU.

Arizona State University commends you for considering joining the military and serving your country. The skills and discipline acquired through service to your country will help prepare you to succeed in life. However, if college is also on your list of goals, ASU is here to help you through the process of entering higher education. Launched in 2023, ASU’s Veteran’s Commitment Plan is available to new Arizona high school graduates who meet our assured admission criteria, are Arizona residents and enlist in the U.S. military directly after high school.

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Your success is key to our mission.

ASU Veteran's Commitment Plan Eligibility requirements

Enrolling at ASU

Students must enroll with ASU when they decide to conclude their service. Students who are involuntarily extended will not be removed from this program. Students that voluntarily extend their enlistment are still eligible, though may require additional paperwork at intervals and/or when leaving service. Students who forfeit guaranteed admissions are still eligible to apply to ASU through the traditional application process.

Next Steps


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Contact us to confirm your interest

Contact your personal ASU admission representative to indicate your interest in this program

Contact Us

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Submit an ASU Application

Be sure to provide an accurate email address as this will be the primary form of communication during your enlistment

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Defer your enrollment to ASU

Students who wish to be placed in Veterans Commitment will need to defer enrollment while completing their service contract. After your ASU application is accepted, complete the steps on this page to defer your enrollment.

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Utilizing Active Duty benefits

You will hear from ASU Online about opportunities to utilize Active Duty benefits.

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Preparing for ASU enrollment

As you near the end of your enlistment, ASU will contact you about transitioning to campus, selecting a degree program, and other parts of the process.

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Getting acclimated to campus

Once you become a Sun Devil, someone from the PTVC will be in contact with guidance to ensure your success on campus.

Frequently asked questions

  • ASU encourages you to utilize your benefits, but reach out to your Military Admissions Recruiter first to determine the best way forward.
  • ASU offers courses through Universal Learning and ASU Online.
  • Note: completing coursework outside of ASU may require you to reapply to ASU in the future.
  • Students who take more than 24 credits must meet the ASU transfer student criteria by maintaining a minimum 2.50 cumulative transfer GPA.
  • Visit for more information.
  • Yes, if you take no additional college credit while in service, your original admission to ASU remains in good standing.
  • If you enroll in any college courses, your admission remains in good standing as long as you meet ASU transfer admission requirements.
  • If you do not remain in good academic standing, you will no longer be in the Veterans Commitment program. However, contact an ASU military admission representative or the Pat Tillman Veterans Center at to learn more about enrollment paths and options for veterans at ASU.
  • Contact the your Military Recruitment representative with your new information.
  • You will be given next steps based on your timeline.
  • Yes, you can submit the change of major request through My ASU.
  • Your change request will be reviewed to determine if you meet the requirements to be changed to that major.
  • Program requirements may change or no longer be available from the time you graduate high school to beginning your education at ASU. Check-in as you approach this transition to ensure you are prepared.
  • Available to Arizona residents only.
  • ASU Veterans Commitment Plan launches in 2023 and is available to students who receive first-year admission to ASU during their senior year of high school.
  • High School graduation date starting in Spring 2023 and beyond.
  • This program is not available for graduates from years prior.
  • Students must meet ASU assured admission criteria.

Change of Plans?

Please contact our veterans and military affiliated admission representative Renee Clancy at