Veteran, military and dependent support team

The Pat Tillman Veterans Center's team consists of veterans who have successfully navigated the college experience after military service. Each team member specializes in a particular phase of your transition to and ongoing life in the university environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or advice.

A team member can help you throughout your ASU career. Which stage are you in?

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From considering college to graduation (VA assistance)

Troy portrait

Troy Rundle, VA VetSuccess on Campus counselor  |  480-727-5627 (office)  |  602-318-0406 (cell)

How Troy can help:

Troy is ASU’s direct link to the VA from before admission through to graduation. He helps students find VA resources and answer questions about VA benefits, processes and timelines. He also counsels veterans about how to use their military service and experiences to the fullest advantage toward a civilian career. He is currently accepting appointments from current students.

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Working for the VA as a VetSuccess on Campus and Voc Rehab counselor has been very rewarding. I feel very privileged to be on campus as the VA VSOC counselor through the VA’s partnership with ASU and the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. I’m a big sports fan, and rarely pass up a chance to catch a football, hockey or lacrosse game in my free time.

From admission to graduation

Shawn Banzhaf, senior military advocate  | 480-727-3416

How Shawn can help: 

Shawn provides consultation, guidance, referral and advocacy services to help current military and veteran students navigate the various services provided by ASU, the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies.

Shawn also assists ASU military spouse and dependent students. Military family members generally assimilate easily into the student population, but they also have unique circumstances and benefits related to their affiliation with the military. He is currently accepting appointments from current students.

Shawn's weekly schedule

Mondays and Fridays — West campus
Tuesdays — Downtown Phoenix campus
Wednesdays — Tempe campus
Thursdays — Polytechnic campus

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 Current students: schedule an appointment

I loved being in the military, and felt a real sense of pride serving my country and leading some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I chose to join the Pat Tillman Veterans Center because I believe in investing in the future of our military and student veterans — ensuring their success is another way to give back to my country. When I’m not working, I enjoy lifting weights with my wife and taking in a good movie once in a while.

From admission to graduation

Dustin Hood portrait

Dustin Hood, student veteran admission specialist  |  480-965-5078

How Dustin can help:

As student veteran admission specialist, Dustin understands and empathizes with the challenges faced by student veterans, and ensures that they can be as successful as possible in their academic pursuits. He is an excellent resource for information about military culture at ASU, campus academic services and the Pat Tillman Veterans Center.

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I value the time that I spent in the military and cherish the common bonds that I share with my fellow veterans in service to our country. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, the outdoors and continuing my own educational goals.

From graduation to beyond

Michelle portrait

Michelle Loposky, assistant director of outreach and engagement  |  480-727-5626

How Michelle can help:

Michelle is your direct link to professional development opportunities and events going on at ASU, from New Student Orientation to graduation week activities. She will help you connect to the wider veteran-friendly community from your first day, and will be a point of contact for you after graduation.

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The friendships I made while serving in the military have been invaluable, and I find that same sense of camaraderie at the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. I want my fellow veterans to see their own potential and realize they have a dedicated team to help them succeed. When I’m not working, I spend time cheering on my favorite sports teams, including the New York Rangers.