Your ASU advocates

The Pat Tillman Veterans Center's advocacy team consists of veterans who have successfully navigated the college experience after military service. Each advocate specializes in a particular phase of your transition to and ongoing life in the university environment. Don’t hesitate to contact one of these team members if you need assistance or advice.

An advocate can help you throughout your ASU career. Which stage are you in?

From considering college to admission to ASU

Shawn Banzhaf, military advocate  |  480-727-3416

How Shawn can help:

Shawn helps active military and veterans looking into the possibility of higher education and through the process of applying and being admitted to ASU. He’s the contact for each step of the application process until admission to the university. For applicants who are not admitted, Shawn can help them find a pathway to being prepared for admission to ASU in the future.

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From admission to graduation

Michelle Loposky and Shawn Banzhaf, military advocates  |  Michelle: 480-727-5626  |  Shawn: 602-543-1613

How Michelle and Shawn can help: 

Michelle and Shawn provide consultation, guidance, referral and advocacy service to help current military and veteran students navigate the various services provided by ASU, the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies.

Michelle and Shawn also assist ASU military spouse and dependent students. Military family members generally assimilate easily into the student population, but they also have unique circumstances and benefits related to their affiliation with the military.

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From considering college to graduation (VA assistance)

Troy Rundle, VA VetSuccess on Campus counselor  |  480-727-5627 (office)  |  602-318-0406 (cell)

 How Troy can help:

Troy is ASU’s direct link to the VA from before admission through to graduation. He helps students find VA   resources and answer questions about VA benefits, processes and timelines. He also counsels veterans about   how to use their military service and experiences to the fullest advantage toward a civilian career.

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