Salute to Service 2021
Nov. 1 - 11, 2021

Showing our support for ASU’s military families and all who serve

Salute to Service

Individuals who volunteer to serve in our country’s military are often motivated by a strong desire to help, protect and give back to others — and this drive to serve often continues after their time in the military. Arizona State University honors all the brave and selfless men and women who serve and have served in the military, and we also want to recognize their families and all other individuals who serve their communities in various capacities. Thank you!

Events to support our veterans

In celebration of Veterans Day, Arizona State University proudly honors veterans and active members of the military with an annual series of events across the metro Phoenix campuses. The ASU community is invited to attend all of the Salute to Service events, which include military appreciation events, performances, panel discussions and activities sponsored by student clubs.

Check back with us in September for event registration information.

ASU movie nights

Salute to Service concert with Teddy Swims

Nov. 2, 2021

ASU movie nights

Movies on the Field

Nov. 11, 2021

Celebrating military veterans and their service to our country: Arizona State University (ASU)

Dear veterans,

Arizona State University is proud to celebrate our veteran population on this important day.  In recognition of all those who serve, we share a small token of appreciation. On behalf of ASU’s Office of Admission Services and the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, thank you for your commitment, your bravery and your service. ASU honors the brave and selfless individuals who serve and have served in the military, their families, and those who serve their communities through public service.

 Thank you! 

Proud to highlight

Cliff Vellucci | retired Marine Corp
2012 graduate, education major

Cliff Vellucci joined the Marine Corps at 18 years old, and after 25 years of service and a successful career he retired in 2007 and began his transition to civilian life. The transition wasn’t as easy as Cliff anticipated and he decided he needed something more. Which is why he returned to higher education to earn an education degree at Arizona State University. 

During his time in the Marine Corps, Cliff had a passion for teaching and mentoring. He felt like he could be a good influence on kids and could encourage them to see that “their future could be something more than maybe what they see at the time.” 

Now, as an assistant principal in an elementary school in Phoenix, Cliff continues his lifelong commitment to serve his community and has empowered himself to be a difference maker, while pursuing his passion of working with kids. 


Marisa Von Holten, Air Force
2020 graduate, Public service and public policy major

Marisa Von Holten’s Arizona State University journey took some unexpected turns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but her “can do” attitude, spirit of service and perseverance enabled her to not only finish her college degree but also transition to a new public service career.

The former Air Force medic switched majors “a couple of times” but eventually she found her degree at the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, a bachelor of science in public service and public policy, with a focus on emergency management and homeland security, managed by the college’s School of Public Affairs.  

As part of the degree program, Von Holten entered into an internship with the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management, which would lead to a job offer as an emergency management services planner, as the agency activated its emergency operations center to organize the county response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Salute to Service through service:
What you can do to honor a veteran

We recognize that dedication to service isn’t inherent only in members of the military and veterans — millions of everyday Americans find value and fulfillment in serving their communities. With the theme Salute to Service through service, ASU’s 2020 Salute to Service events are dedicated to all Americans who serve, whether on the front lines of combat or the front lines of improving their communities. Find the best way for you to honor a veteran:

Salute to Service events

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Salute to Service events

Attend one of the Salute to Service events and be sure to let a veteran or service member at the event know you are grateful.

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Connect with us


Connect with us

Connect with the Pat Tillman Veterans Center and the ASU Alumni Veterans Chapter

Highlights of Salute to Service 2019

Salute to Service 2019 | Arizona State University

In November 2019 ASU launched another successful ASU Salute to Service event, recognizing veterans and military dependents attending ASU. Multiple events were held throughout the month of November, promoting teamwork and appreciation, including Pat Tillman Veterans Center’s Day of Service event, which had multiple panel discussions, the McCain institute tribute and the annual ASU football game at the Sun Devil Football Stadium. ASU is a proud supporter of the veteran community and is honored to host the annual ASU Salute to Service event in recognition to all that have served and sacrificed.