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The Pat Tillman Veterans Center is dedicated to upholding the tradition of honor displayed by all branches of the military. Through a holistic approach, we intend to provide unparalleled opportunities for our military and veteran affiliated students. We offer an entry point into a network of organizations and employers who want to contribute to your career aspirations. We believe your service to the country should be reciprocated with outstanding service and resources for you to succeed in your journey here at Arizona State University and beyond.


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History of the HONOR badge

ASU’s Honor badge was created by former student Peter Valenzuela, who now serves as a transit planner at Valley Metro in Phoenix. His contributions to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center led to the opportunity to design a badge that would honor all those who served in the military and create a sense of belonging to ASU. 

“My inspiration for the badge stemmed from the long-running tradition of crests that comprise the values and mission of special military units throughout the five branches. PTVC is a specialized unit of ASU aimed to serve student veterans. I wanted the badge to capture that service and be inclusive of all the military branches, so I incorporated elements of the U.S. flag, which envelops all former service members, and the university's colors to represent our school pride. The word ‘honor’ was featured to best represent the reputation and responsibility of service members, but also to display how we feel to be recognized as students, veterans and people on campus.”

Peter Valenzuela
E-5, Damage Controlman, 2nd Class
BSP in urban planning, 2016
MS in urban planning, 2018

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